Regional anesthesia in pediatrics - Non-systematic literature review

  • Angela María Ríos-Medina a. Universidad de Caldas, Pereira, Colombia. b. Clínica Confamiliar, Pereira, Colombia. c. Cancer League, Pereira, Colombia
  • Juliana Caicedo-Salazar Clínica Comfamiliar, Pereira, Colombia
  • María Isabel Vásquez-Sadder a. CES Clinic, Medellín, Colombia b. Regional Anesthesia Committee S.C.A.R.E., Bogotá, Colombia. c. LASRA Colombia Delegate, Medellín, Colombia
  • Oscar David Aguirre-Ospina a. Universidad de Caldas, Pereira, Colombia. b. SES Hospital, Manizales, Colombia
  • Maria Patricia González CES Clinic, Medellín, Colombia
Keywords: Anesthesia conduction, Pediatrics ultrasonography, Neuromuscular blocking agents, Anesthetics local


Introduction: The use of pediatric regional anesthesia has grown to become the standard of care, because of its effective pain control, improved safety profile of the local anesthetic agents, in addition to the introduction of ultrasound.

Objective: To perform a non-systematic review of pediatric regional anesthesia.

Methods and materials: A search was conducted on the available scientific evidence in databases (Pubmed/Medline, ScienceDirect, OVID, SciELO), for a non-systematic review.

Conclusions: The use of pediatric regional anesthesia has increased due to its notable effect on pain management and furthermore as a result of the incremented use of ultrasound technology.


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Ríos-Medina AM, Caicedo-Salazar J, Vásquez-Sadder MI, Aguirre-Ospina OD, Patricia González M. Regional anesthesia in pediatrics - Non-systematic literature review. Colomb. J. Anesthesiol. [Internet]. 2015 Jul. 1 [cited 2024 Apr. 18];43(3):204-2013. Available from:
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