Peer Review Policy

Peer review policy

Peer review is a vital part of the process of publishing a scientific article. It does not only endorse the scientific work but also promotes correctness and improves quality; in fact, it often improves publication odds. The Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology applies a stringent peer review policy.

The Journal uses a double-blind review process. The identities of the authors and thematic and/or methodological reviewers are kept in anonymity throughout the entire review and evaluation process. The editor will usually conduct an initial evaluation of the article to ensure suitability in accordance with the objectives of the Journal and to determine compliance with the requirements for submission.

When the result of this process is positive, the manuscript will then be sent to a minimum of two independent expert thematic reviewers (peer review) to assess the scientific quality of the paper. Peer reviewers are usually local, regional or international experts in the subject matter. This process will take place through the submission platform, leading to communication, as soon as possible, of the decisions made by the editorial team as a consensus of reviewer and editor opinions.

At the end of the submission process, the editorial team, led by the editor, will decide whether to accept or reject the article and will also make a decision regarding suggestions for the authors. Given the above, it is very important to write the first page (also known as page 1) in a separate form, including full information of the authors and their institutional affiliations, as well as all relevant information such as conflict of interest, appreciation and contact information: e-mail, postal address and telephone number. This information is an integral part of the submission described herein for authors. It is understood that, at least during this phase, names of institutions or authors must not be mentioned in the body of the manuscript.

For more information regarding the origin and importance of this process, reading the following articles is recommended:

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