Pediatric airway: as difficult as they say?

  • Daniel Rivera-Tocancipá Anaesthesiology Service, Hospital Universitario Hernando Moncaleano Perdomo, Universidad Surcolombiana. Neiva, Colombia.
  • Elizabeth Díaz-Sánchez Anaesthesiology Service, Clínica EMCOSALUD. Neiva, Colombia
Keywords: Airway Management, Anesthesiologists, Pediatrics, Intubation, Intratracheal, Laryngoscopy


This article is addressed to those anesthetists who are occasionally faced with pediatric patients, and the anxiety and stress created by the fear of failure in the management of the airway. It aims to present specific concepts for approaching the airway safely.

The article describes the importance of adequate airway management in pediatrics; relevant differences with respect to adults; the details of the new classification of the pediatric airway proposed since 2012; and important aspects of the existing airway management algorithms. Considerations that may become a source of failure in securing the airway are pointed out, thoughts about each topic are presented, and conclusions are provided.


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