Management of postoperative pain in the elderly. Literature review

Keywords: Aged, Acute pain, Pain, postoperative, Chronic pain, Analgesics, Renal insufficiency, chronic, Heart failure, Anesthesiology


Timely post-operative pain management in elderly patients is critically important. Given their physiological changes and comorbidities, management in this group of patients is different from the rest of the population. Knowledge of potentially inappropriate medications (Beers criteria) is relevant because of the presence of  comorbidities in this population. Although acetaminophen continues to be safe, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents produce several adverse effects which need to be considered before they are used. On the other hand, opioids continue to be one of the pillars in analgesia, with due consideration of their adverse affects and interactions, and the need for dose adjustments. Adequate postoperative pain management prevents adverse effects and the risk of developing chronic pain.


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